Life is short – DO MORE with the help of self storage!

Are you one of those people who has a million and one hobbies and a garage full of all the gear? Do you trip over your exercise bike when getting to your lawn mower? Or bang your head on your canoe while grabbing your ladders?


Do you constantly get nagged about the clutter? “When was the last time you even went fishing?!” But all that equipment is expensive to buy and takes a long time to build up. You would still enjoy doing it if you made the time for it, so why would you get rid of it?


Perhaps you would love to take up a hobby but just don’t have anywhere to store your things?

It is so important to make time to do something just for you. Time is in short supply and the easier it is for you to get out there and have some fun, the better.


One big obstacle that you can very easily remove is storage. If you keep your hobby stuff in a purpose built, easily accessible storage unit, in a location that is convenient for you, you can just ‘grab n go’ rather than ‘rummage n rearrange’ which is sure to put you in a better mood before you even start. And at the end of a fun filled day, you can quickly ‘lock n leave’ your stuff rather than having to rearrange your garage again – one sure way to leave a nicer taste after a great day out.


And that is the people who are lucky enough to have a garage. If you don’t have a garage, self storage is the perfect way to allow you to be able to take up any hobby you could ever dream of.

Tortoise Storage in Knowsley, junction 4 of the M57 has been purpose built for self storage. It is made up of brand new shipping containers lined up along big wide concrete roadways to make access as easy as possible and give each customer as much space as possible around their unit. You can park right outside and access your unit any day and any time between 6am and 11pm. Security is extremely important and a lot better than most people could have at home. CCTV is monitored 24/7, the place is surrounded by 2.4 metre high fencing, automatic key pad entry gate, PIR alarms and tanoy system. And to top it all off, you can use it as a loo and snack stop while you’re picking up your things!

So whether it’s cycling or white water rafting, fire breathing or pogo sticking, get out there and do more with the help of self storage!

Thanks for reading!


Tortoise Storage

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