Why did we call ourselves Tortoise?

Whilst describing the reasons we called ourselves Tortoise Storage, Emma accidentally started writing a poem and discovered what a brilliant and natural poet she is…

Who knew, with the help of google, there were so many words that rhymed with Tortoise! To reflect the depth of meaning of this poem, we decided it needed a deep and reflective title. So introducing to you….”Why?…”

Why did we call ourselves ‘Tortoise’

Are we slow and scaly and green?

Did we think that name would sort us?

And people would really be keen?

We don’t make a home for a Tortoise

In fact, their presence is banned

We can’t be allowing rigormortis

Of animals stored on our land

So what is the reason for ‘Tortoise’?

Now, it will all be revealed

A Tortoise’s shell is its fortress

Keeping its privates concealed.

A Tortoise will last you for years

A sturdy, reliable pet

Plods on in the background, no fears

A Tortoise, is just a safe bet

And that is the reason for ‘Tortoise’

We hope that you can now see

And that you will want to support us

With our very reasonable fee.

We hope you enjoyed learning the method in our madness!

Thanks for reading!

Tortoise Storage

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