Don’t let a house full of stuff stop you from living your travelling dream!!

It’s the time of year for summer holidays! Your colleagues are going away with their families for weeks in the sun, having fun, thoughts of work a long distance away from their sun soaked brains. You are envious as you continue to sit in your same chair, in your same shirt, looking at the same screen as they are excitedly planning purchasing their euros and beach towels and telling you in great detail about their flights and plans for their first holiday drink in the airport.

But in a week or two, they will be back here, they may be tanned and bleached and well rested but they will now be even more blue than you and it’s all over for them for another year.

You want more than that. You want a serious get away. You are bored and fed up of your routine, you feel trapped by your job, your life. You need to totally reset, experience more of what life has to offer, more of what the world has to offer, be free!

Imagine being able to tell your colleagues about your flights and airport plans, the day before you leave them, the job, the place, the town, the country for months on end! Living day to day, getting up when you wake up, eating when you’re hungry, going to bed when you’re tired, ticking off all the things on your to do list of fun things to do that day. Living free, simple and with some serious perspective on life!

How often do you get lost in these thoughts to only have your naggy Mr/Mrs Sensible voice in your head telling you all the reasons you couldn’t possibly do it. The reasons could be endless. You can always find a reason not to do something. You have a house, you have children at school, you have a good job. But what about those people that spend their life travelling around the world in a van with their children? They didn’t let their children stop them? They are embracing it and giving their kids the best possible experiences they can along the way.

My old headmaster used to love the saying “there are no problems, only solutions”. Once you have this attitude carved into your brain, you can apply it to so much in life, focusing on how you are going to overcome problems rather than drowning in worry about the problems themselves. This includes the “problems” that could stop you from fulfilling your travelling dreams!


If you REALLY REALLY want to do something, nothing will stop you. And if it does, well you just don’t want it enough.

Wow, this is getting a bit deep now. Lets bring it back to the point of me being here – simple old self storage! One thing that certainly is not a problem is storing the contents of your house while you’re travelling the world. There will always be a really friendly, helpful self storage facility nearby that will gladly help you find the right sized space to store your things while you’re away. If you make sure you pick a place that is a member of the SSA (Self Storage Association) you can be confident that they reach the criteria around security and professionalism to make them a safe place to store your things.

Tortoise Storage is based in Knowsley, just off junction 4 of the M57. So a perfect central storage location for budding travellers based in Knowsley, Prescot, Whiston, Maghull, Huyton, Formby, Ormskirk and other surrounding Liverpool areas! We offer container storage in a variety of sizes. Our security features include 24 hour monitored CCTV, 2.4 metre high perimeter fencing, keypad entry gate, PIR alarm system and tanoy system. So you can enjoy your far away land experiences without worrying about whether your stuff will still be there when you get back.

Handy hint  – if you live in London read our blog “Store Up North to save your self some Bees and Honey – you won’t Adam and Eve the savings! You will be travelling the world while your stuff is in storage, you don’t need to visit every day and pay London prices for the location! Shop around further afield! There is life outside the M25!


We hope this blog has offered you some inspiration. Now don’t all go quitting your jobs at once!


Thanks for reading!


Tortoise Storage

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