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In this blog we have done a profile of our storage site in Knowsley so we can show you what to expect when we have finished building Tortoise Storage!



Here is our address. We chose it ourselves. Before then, our land was off grid and “addressless”!


Whitegate Park

44 Randles Road


L34 9HX


Here is the google maps satellite view. You can see the original state of the land on here. I wonder how long it will be before google maps is showing lots of storage containers lined up in beautifully satisfying rows.



The storage units are brand new shipping containers that have been specifically designed for secure and weather proof storage. There will be a mixture of sizes for customers depending on how much stuff they have to store.


  • 10ft x 8ft (1/4 sized lorry trailer)
  • 20ft x 8ft (1/2 sized lorry trailer)
  • 40ft x 8ft (full sized lorry trailer)


The containers are:


  • Brand new
  • Fully weather proof
  • Fitted with ventilators and sprayed with insulation to help protect against condensation
  • Made of rust resistant corten steel
  • Lock box attached for added padlock protection


We have capacity for over 250 containers. We will be starting with 30 and building up with the demand so book early if you want yours soon.



You will enter the site through a 6 metre wide automatic keypad entry gate. There will be a large carpark at the front of the site and a small office building where our team will be based. The whole site will be concreted to allow clean and easy access to your unit. There will be a one way road system around the containers and enough room for you to be able to park right outside your container without being in anybody’s way. Once you are signed up with us, you will be able to let yourself in and go straight to your unit whenever you want to.



Security is extremely important as we take our responsibility for storing other people’s precious belongings very seriously. As you will see from the list below, there isn’t much more we could possibly do to keep your things safe:


  • 24 hour monitored CCTV
  • Tanoy system so we can shout mean and scary things at any unwanted visitors
  • Floodlighting throughout
  • PIR wireless outdoor alarm system
  • 2.4 metre high palisade and paladin fencing
  • Electric gate with keypad and camera entry system


We even give our customers a brand new padlock because we want everyone to have the best solid steel block padlocks.



On your first visit to us you will report to the office so we can go through the paperwork with you, show you to your container and give you your padlock and keys.


After that, you will be free to come into the office as little or as often as you like! If you need any packing equipment or useful tools, you can buy them from here, if you need the loo we have one of those, if you are feeling lonely and just fancy a chat you can get that here too!


But the best thing we think, you can get in the office, is complimentary drinks and snacks. Just what you need after a hard day moving into your new container!



As if super duper storage, toilet, great company and free snacks wasn’t good enough we also have:


  • A bike shelter – this is not just a condition of our planning permission, but also a really useful place for our staff and customers to lock their bikes, especially if they are bringing the contents of their 3 bedroom house to store!
  • Garden – at the front of our office will be an attractive landscaped area with picnic benches for people to sit and have a break with a brew and a snack on a nice sunny Knowsley day!

We look forward to welcoming our first customers to our site. We can’t wait to share the results of lots of time and hard work with you.

Thanks for reading!


Tortoise Storage

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