Make the most of your office space – use Self Storage!

No matter what industry you work in, if your business is based in an office, it is highly likely that you will be paying high mortgage or rent payments, business rates and bills and you may be tied into a lease on your property for a certain period of time.

This means you should make the most out of every square inch of space you are paying for to make your sure your office space gives back as much as possible to you. Whether you fill the space with additional staff members or working machines or equipment, make sure that everything you keep in your valuable office space is paying its way to generate income for your business.

One use for your valuable space that does not pay its way to your business is storage. Your old files, stationery, Christmas decorations, office furniture, spare computers are all things that you need but they all live rent free doing nothing to contribute towards generating more income for your business. Yet you are paying rent and rates for it to be there, limiting the growth space of your business and cluttering your focused entrepreneurial mind.

Self storage facilities are ideal places to store your office clutter away from your office allowing you to use your office space as efficiently as possible. They are secure private units that only you have access to. You are free to come and go to your unit whenever you need to. You do not pay rates or bills, just one monthly rental payment which is tax deductible.

You can kit your unit out with bits that help you to protect and organise your items, such as boxes and shelving making anything you might need quick and easy to find. You can get everything you might need from your storage place, including packing equipment and marker pens, making everything quick and simple. If you find a self storage facility that is in a handy location for your business, the benefits of keeping your clutter away from the office way outweigh the costs of storing off site.

Tortoise Storage is based in Knowsley Business Park. This is a stones throw away from junction 4 of the M57 and hundreds of businesses in Knowsley, Prescot, Maghull, Liverpool and surrounding areas. Our site is made up of brand new weather and condensation proof shipping containers along wide roadways meaning you can drive and park right up to your unit for quick and easy access. Once you have moved in, you will get you own unique key code to open the gate and you can come and go to your unit whenever you need to. There isn’t much more we could do to keep your things secure with 2.4 metre high perimeter fencing, 24 hour monitored CCTV, tanoy and alarm system.

You can store your office clutter offsite, with peace of mind that they are clean, dry, safe and secure. You can then make the most of your new found office space by growing your business! Or buying a ping pong table…


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