10 Self Storage “Did You Knows”

When I was a small child, many years ago, before the days of Encarta, I was bought an Encyclopedia. It was really big and heavy and full of extremely in depth and intellectual facts. Unfortunately I was too lazy to read it all. But I discovered that every page had a little “did you know” box in the top right hand corner. It would give you one short sharp fact about a topic. I decided that that was enough information for me so I went through every page and read the “did you know” box. Some of those facts have stayed with me to this day! Such as “did you know that the biggest mammal in the world is a blue whale?” and “did you know that the deepest ocean is the Pacific at 7 miles deep?” Inspired by my childhood intellects, I decided to do a few short, sharp “did you knows” about self storage. 10 interesting facts you could ever wish to know about self storage! With the help of the SSA UK Annual Industry Survey, your journey to self storage genius starts now:

  1. Did you know that “self storage” originated in America in the 1960s?

2. Did you know that in the UK, self storage costs nearly double in London compared to the North?

3. Did you know that on average, the cheapest place to store in the UK is the East Midlands?

4. Did you know that approximately 40% of self storage is used by businesses?

5. Did you know that after staff, the biggest expense for self storage facilities is property rates and tax?

6. Did you know that 70% of self storage customers come from the internet?

7. Did you know that self storage businesses have to charge their customers VAT?

8. Did you know that the two most common reasons storage is used personally is between house moves, and just having too much stuff to fit in your house!

9. Did you know that divorced or separated people are more than twice as likely to use self storage than other people?

10. Did you know that 92% of all storage customers are satisfied with the service they are receiving? We’re not a bad bunch really!

Hopefully after reading this you are a little bit wiser on the topic of self storage. Now you can show off your knowledge to all your friends and from then on, you will be the first on the invite list for dinner parties!

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