Self Storage for Tradesmen

If you are a tradesman/woman and you do not have your own workshop or storage unit, chances are you are storing your tools and materials in your garage, garden or van.

But how long will it be until your other half finally loses patience with your scaffolding poles on the lawn? Do you really want to share your summer barbecue with a cement mixer?

The majority of people don’t actually know what self storage is and how it can help them and their business. But if this is you, self storage could be a massive help.

Clean, dry, tidy space that only you have access to, whenever you want, without paying business rates or tying yourself into a long and expensive lease? IDEAL.

With most storage facilities, including Tortoise Storage having a minimum rental period of just 4 weeks and a notice period of just 2 weeks, self storage offers you a flexible solution to your space issues.

So why else is self storage the answer to your problem?

You can treat your storage unit as an extension of your own home. You can access it as often as you like between the access hours of 6am and 11pm. So you can collect anything you need on the way to your jobs in the morning, drop it back off at night and pop back as often as you need throughout the day. Only you have the key to your unit.

If you are worried about security, most self storage places are a lot more secure than your garage and particularly your van could be. At Tortoise Storage, we have an electric gate that will only open between 6am and 11pm with a valid key code. Every customer gets their own unique key code so we know who is on site at all times. There is 24 hour monitored CCTV which captures every corner of the site. There is a tannoy system. The whole site is floodlit. And if that wasn’t enough we also have an outdoor PIR alarm system which is triggered when someone walks on the site when they shouldn’t be there. That is before they even get to your secure corten steel shipping container unit locked with your very own unique K-force solid steel block lock padlock. With a van in the UK getting broken into every 23 seconds (see our blog- “No tools left in this vehicle overnight”) self storage is certainly the more secure option.

At Tortoise Storage, you can drive your van right up to the doors or your container. Can you do that with your garden or garage? This makes it very quick and easy to grab and go with what you need.

With this convenient extra space in your life, you can keep your home for home life, have a nice tidy garage (with space to take up a hobby), a garden that is fun and safe for your children to play in and enjoy barbecues with people and pretty plants, not cement mixers. But best of all, your wife will be happy.
And happy wife = happy life

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