What, when, where and how do people use Self Storage?


Self storage is a place where people and businesses can actually come to themselves and rent secure space for their belongings when they do not have enough space of their own. They can treat it as an extension of their own home or business by coming and going to their space whenever they need to put something in or take something out. Customers can rent a variety of sizes of unit, depending on their needs. Our staff can help advise you on what size you need if you are not sure!


There are many times when someone might want to use self storage in their life. The good times, the happy times, the bad times and the ugly times. Here are just a few of the most common uses for self storage:

House Move Storage

If you have sold your house but haven’t found your perfect new home yet, what would you do with all your furniture? Put it in self storage then you can relax into finding your new home and come and go whenever you need anything!

Maybe you are downsizing and need time to decide what will fit in your new home? Put your things into self storage, take your time to work out what will and won’t go in your new home and come and go to pick things up or drop them off whenever you need!

Hobby Storage

Do you want to take up fishing, golf, kayaking, mountain biking and skydiving…? But don’t have any space at home to store the gear you need? Take the excuses away, rent a self storage unit and get out there and enjoy yourself! You can come and grab your gear whenever you want to and drop it off when you’ve finished, keeping your home clear and tidy!

Business Storage

Whether you’re a plumber, joiner, gardener, scaffolder, solicitor, insurance broker, financial advisor at some stage you can find yourself running out of space either in your van, garage, workshop or office.

If you are a sole trader and have invested your precious earnings in expensive equipment, it is wise to keep it somewhere more secure than in your van. If you keep your things in self storage, you can come and go on the way to and from jobs to pick up and drop off your equipment and be confident that it is safe and secure and your van and home space are organised and free of clutter.

If your work is office based, quite often, even in a paperless world you will have physical documents that have to be kept for 6 years before you can destroy them. Or maybe you have office furniture you are saving for the day you need it? Make sure every bit of space you have in your office is making you money and keep the clutter away in self storage.

If you are running a shop, whether it be online or on the high street, hopefully you will be doing well enough to run out of space for stock in your spare bedroom or back of your shop. Keeping your stock in self storage is a great way to grow your business so you can keep up with demand in a flexible space that can grow as you need it!

These are just a few people who would use self storage, but it is open to everyone, whatever their needs! Perhaps you have no reason other than you have too many lovely things bursting out of your house that you cannot possibly part with!


You can store your things at whatever self storage facility you like the look and feel of. Visit a few! Think about how often you would be visiting and what is the most practical for your needs. You will know when you have found the right one. You need to feel comfortable leaving your possessions there and feel like you would be safe there yourself when you come, potentially on your own (we have visited a few where we haven’t even wanted to get out of the car…) Staff are also important, as much as you think you might not have anything to do with them, if you ever had a question or a worry, you would need to feel comfortable asking the staff for help.

We would obviously love for you to store your things with us here at Tortoise Storage. Come and visit us and see what you think for yourself!


Don’t worry, we make everything as simple as possible for you. You set your move in date, move in, and when you want to move out, just give us notice and set your move out date. We sell padlocks, insurance and if you need any packing equipment we sell that too! We give you a unique access code that you type into the gate keypad as you arrive and leave and this is how you get on and off the site, whenever you need to. We can also recommend removals and van rental companies if needed.

We think that most people will agree that self storage is a really useful thing to have for a clear and clutter free life. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call, or pop into our office to speak to a member of our team!

Thanks for reading.

Tortoise Storage

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