What size container should I choose?

At Tortoise Storage, we have a variety of container sizes available for you to hire to allow you to keep your belongings securely away from home and work so that you can have more space in your life. Whether you need something the size of a garden shed, or a double garage, we have the right containers for you.


The available sizes are:


80 sqft, 160 sqft, 240 sqft and 320 sqft.


But what do these sizes actually mean and how do you know what size you will need?


The best way to work this out is to visit us and we can show you all the available sizes and you can work out which one will work for you. That way you can also see the rest of the site and get a feel for your surroundings and whether it really is as nice as we say it is for storing your precious belongings!


But to give you a bit of a clue, we have created this size comparison table:

Hopefully this gives you more of a clue on what size or sizes to look at when you come and visit. We are not here to push you into a bigger unit and paying more money than you need. And we don’t want you to stress about what size to get. If you try a smaller unit and realise it is not big enough, you can easily upgrade and if you try a bigger unit and realise it is too big, you can just as easily downgrade! All we want at Tortoise Storage, is happy customers!


As always, if you are interested in storing with us or have any questions, just call us on 0330 3210 212.


Thanks for reading,


Tortoise Storage

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