Store Up North to save your self some Bees and Honey – you won’t Adam and Eve the savings!

You are paying London rent, London council tax, London congestion charges, London travel costs, London food and drink prices and everything else that comes at a premium for the privilege of living in London. But do you have to pay London prices for everything?


We have come up with a way you can beat the London system for once…for self storage!


Not surprisingly, London is the most expensive place in the country to rent self storage space. It is nearly double the cost of renting self storage space in the North.


If you are storing short term, for work, hobbies or anything where you have to visit your space on a regular basis, the location and convenience of the self storage facility to your home means if you live in London, you won’t really have much choice but to store in London.


But if you are moving away for work, going travelling, are someone looking for long term storage for things you can just “lock and leave” that you do not need to visit on a regular basis, why would you store in London and pay double what you have to? Store up North and pay half the price! Lightbulb moment? Here is the Maths:

Average price per sq ft per year £15
Average monthly price for 100 sq ft £125
Annual price £1500
Monthly saving for storing up Noth £116
Annual saving for storing up North £1400
Average price per sq ft per year £29
Average monthly price for 100 sq ft £241
Annual price £2900
Monthly extra spend for storing in London £116
Annual extra spend for storing in London £1400

For the saving you make in just one year, you could easily rent a van AND a minion to do all the packing, loading and unloading for you!

If you are a Londoner who has never in your life been further North than Watford you may still need a little more convincing.

All reputable self storage companies base their facilities on the same main ideas and principles as each other, with security, pleasantness of surroundings and quality of customer service being a very strong focus. If you are in any doubt, choose a place that is a member of the Self Storage Association as to be a member, you have to meet certain levels in a number of different quality criteria including security.

One thing you can say about Northerners is we are very welcoming. We will always let you visit and ask as many questions as you like about security, facilities and processes. Why not look into it for yourself. Although we talk a bit funny, we’re not aliens, we promise!

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