Hello to our neighbours!

Tortoise Storage has just moved in to Knowsley!


We are complete new kids on the block! We are a brand new business and brand new people to the neighbourhood.


We think its really important for local businesses to help and support each other and we hope to become an important part of the community furniture!

To say a special ‘hello’ to our neighbours, we will be doing a bit more than just popping round with a cake (although that is a rather amazing neighbour thing to do…)


Not only will we be sending out invitations to our Tortoise Storage grand opening party (this involves cake… and more – keep checking your letter boxes), but we will also be doing an exclusive discount on storage, just for local businesses! How does 10% off the storage fee, every month for a whole year sound?

We will be up and running and ready for action this summer, so if you have a business based in the Knowsley, Prescot and Kirkby area, get in touch today to say hello and reserve your special neighbours rate container! When we are open we will gladly welcome you to our site to have a brew and a look round our storage facilities for yourself.

Neighbours should be there for one another, because that’s when good neighbours, become good friends!

Thanks for reading!


Tortoise Storage

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