Handy Hints for Moving in with Tortoise Storage!

To help make your self storage life with us as simple and stress free as possible, we have come up with a few handy hints for you!

1. Take your time to pack and protect your items properly

There’s no need to rush, you’ve got all the time in the world here at Tortoise Storage with your new unit! Take your time to pack all your items properly in sturdy boxes with proper packaging, dust sheets and labels on every side of the box (all of which you can buy from us). You will only regret it later if you chuck everything in every which way and it then takes you days of rummaging to find something you need. Or you come back to find your Jenga pile of teapots has fallen over and been destroyed. (Speaking of teapots… anyone remember that Changing Rooms episode with Linda Barker and the teapots?…)

2. Heavies at the bottom, squashables at the top

Treat it like your supermarket shop. Would you chuck a 4 pinter of milk on top of your fresh pain au chocolat? Or balance your multipack beans on top of a lovely ripe nectarine? Keeping heavies at the bottom keeps your stacks of boxes sturdier and protects your squashables. It also means less moving of heavy items when you inevitably need something from the middle of the stack.


3. Use your noggin

If you are going to be a fairly regular visitor to your unit, think about the items you are going to want the most and make them easily accessible.

4. Be savvy

Storing a wardrobe or a chest of drawers? Store smaller items within your furniture to create free space! Make the very most of the space you are paying for by stacking your items, but be cautious to follow the advice above. The last thing you want when you come to grab your toolbox is to be crushed by ‘The Leaning Tower of Tupperware’.

5. DON’T let mould move in

Always make sure you leave an air gap between your boxes and the walls and ceiling. If there is no room for air to flow around, it encourages condensation and mould to move in.

6. Try and remember the annoying little things you wish you had with you…

A little toolbox is always unexpectedly handy. You never know when you will need to take something apart or put something together.  As is a pen and paper, scissors and masking tape. Gloves are also handy to protect your delicate hands from bashes and scratches from moving things around. If you find you have forgotten an annoying little thing you wish you had with you, don’t stress, come to reception and we will help you wherever we can!

7. Stay fed, watered and rested

Does all this just sound too much like hard work? Don’t let yourself get overtired, hangry and wanting to throw in the towel. Come to reception and recharge with a free hot or cold beverage and snack. Have a rest on our benches in the Tortoise Storage garden in the beautiful Knowsley sunshine!

We hope that this is of some use to you. But don’t worry, if you have any concerns or questions what so ever, we are here to help so just ask!

Thanks for reading!

Tortoise Storage

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