Why do we love Knowsley?

When we decided to set up a self storage business, we spent many months driving around the North West, looking at many different sites, in different areas, in different towns, getting a feel for the area, imagining how we would feel as a customer in that location and of course, sampling the local lunch spots!

We came across our two acre site on Randles Road in Knowsley quite early on in the search. It was the site we would always go to on the way to and from visiting other potential sites. A sign of how accessible it was but also because somehow it felt like our home! It is hard to imagine how two acres of knee length grass, rubbish and sad looking trees could feel like home, but how do you explain the feeling of home? As soon as we arrived there after our deliberations we felt relaxed. We just wanted to be there. It felt like such a nice estate, it felt safe, the neighbours were friendly, it was so easy to get to, it was surrounded by lots of other up and coming businesses and towns, we just couldn’t stay away!

There would be a lot of work to do to turn it from the vacant disused state it was in, to a large, flat, drained, beautiful, smooth, concreted site with water, electricity, internet, a safe home for 279 storage containers, an office building, fencing, CCTV, tanoy system, outdoor alarms, automatic key pad entry gate and a bike shelter… but it just felt right so we were up for the challenge!

So now we’re here! We are a stones throw away from junction 4 of the M57. You can actually see the traffic going along the motorway from our site. When you drive around the area you can see the business investment that has gone in nearby. Massive companies like Amazon, Matalan, QVC as well as the new Liverpool training ground are just across the A580. And there are hundreds of independent and start up companies (including us!) on ours and surrounding estates.

We are in Knowsley but it is very accessible to neighbouring towns and villages. We are just 5-10 minutes away from Prescot, Whiston, Huyton, Kirkby, Maghull, and just 20-25 minutes from Liverpool City Centre, St Helens, Crosby, Formby and Ormskirk. Not to mention being 10 minutes in each direction of Halsnead Garden Village and East Maghull, new residential and business developments. Knowsley is like the hub in the centre of it all.

We have been really welcomed and supported by all the local people we have dealt with on the project as well as the neighbouring local businesses and the nosy people (who we love!) who pass us and ask about what we’re doing! Everyone has gone above and beyond for us, wished us luck and known someone who they would tell about us.

On the first day that we got planning approved and the site was ours, we were so excited we just couldn’t wait to do something with it. We brought our gardening tools from home so we could mow the grass and tidy the front of the site. (Waste of time looking at how different it is now but we didn’t care!) In the few days we were there messing about, we had numerous neighbours coming and saying hello, asking what we were doing and wishing us luck. Someone also offered to come and help us out on weekends. Where else would you get that?!

So now we are just a couple of months away from opening our new business, we are confident that our gut feeling about Knowsley was right and that it will become a valuable part of our lives and that we can become a valuable member of the local community!

Thanks for reading!


Tortoise Storage

(World image by Steve Samosa Photography – impressive hey!)

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