Tortoise Storage Delivery Acceptance Service

How disappointing is it when you have been excited for a parcel delivery for days and you miss the delivery, or the courier is “unable to deliver”? Your beloved new purchase is floating around in a van somewhere, so close to home but so far away from your reach. It is times like this where your emotions are heightened. The excitement for your parcel mixed with the disappointment that it might not be there waiting for you when you get home, when every extra day you have to wait feels like a year.

Well, if you are lucky enough to be a customer at Tortoise Storage, you do not have to put up with the emotional turmoil any longer.  You can take control! Simply enter our address as your delivery address for your parcels and we will accept them and keep them locked away in a secure space until you are able to excitedly trot round to collect them.

If that wasn’t good enough, if you have anything to return by courier collection, just drop it off and arrange the pick up at our address and we will look after your return until the courier arrives to collect it!

And how much will this cost? Absolutely nothing. As long as you pick up your parcel within 7 days (who could possibly wait 7 days anyway?!) this will not cost you a penny and is all part of the wonderful world of being a customer at Tortoise Storage.


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